Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday Post for Shepherds - Loving Your Flock Includes Not Fearing It

The above web address (for some reason it won't post as a link) will get you to a needed message concerning some hazards of pastoral ministry. Included in the talk is too brief a word on pastors as cowards and the multiple ways their fear of man is evidenced. These include remaining silent when one should speak, and also speaking, but as a bully. It would be quite difficult for me to communicate the affirmation I have felt since hearing Keller say what I have been saying for two decades, though to different audiences and without the welcome a Tim Keller receives.

I sincerely desire that pastors be helped and changed for the benefit of their flocks. My pastor needs this if he means to keep the pastoral commands we find in the pastoral epistles. And I have known for many years that one of the great detriments to the flock in this country is the pervasive fear of man that faithful pastors battle and useless pastors write off as an acceptable component of their personalities. Perhaps 2017 will be a year during which the number of true shepherds will increase, while the number of pusses and hirelings will decrease. There is much wrong with all of us. But if as a pastor you regularly prove to be unable to act courageously, you should resign, because you're doing too much damage to remain, and because it is okay to earn money and serve Jesus in another vocation.

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