Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Think Below the Surface

"It's possible to be completely biblical and still less than helpful. . ."  Kevin Deyoung, The Hole In Our Holiness, page 80

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Carrying Our Bibles to Church Gatherings - A Counter Argument

As follow-up to a recent post (from Aug 14), and as a consideration I had not considered, I rush to mention that in a recent hearing of Alistair Begg preach, he urges us to carry our Bibles with us to church gatherings so that we may follow along in the text to be certain that what the preacher and/or teacher claims the Bible says is in fact what it says.

Martin Luther on Serving God

". . .that is upright serving of God, when a man does that which in his Word God has commanded to be done, every one in his own vocation, not that which he thinks good of his own judgment." - Martin Luther, from Tabletalk #112