Tuesday, June 20, 2017

To the Christian Rich - It is More Blessed to Give than to Receive

It just is, as the Apostle Paul says when he quotes Jesus (Ac 20:35), which is quite rare. A person is more blessed when he or she keeps less to give away more. This is a unique design within the kingdom of God, along with related realities like dying to live, and losing to gain, and being last to finish first, and serving to attain greatness, etc. Embrace the paradox. Open your hands.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Protestant Preaching

"In Protestantism, preaching is not communication of information;
preaching is God meeting with His people through the proclamation of the Word."
Carl Trueman

This is true. Look at Scripture. God has always called His people to gather that He might then speak to them. And He has most often used qualified preachers and teachers as His voice. 

When It's Better to be Wrong

"There's nothing worse than Christians who don't have strong convictions on things. 
I would rather be wrong about something that's important 
than not think that that thing is important in the first place."  
Carl Trueman, during a Mortification of Spin podcast discussing being a theologian of the cross

Long Drive Home

"Well people anymore, they got no staying power. A love you come by easy it'll leave you just the same. You want something bad you gotta bleed a little for it. You gotta look it in the eye you gotta call it out by name."

There's some truth here.