Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Get Wisdom - Post 31

Proverbs - Chapter 31

1 - It is a man who speaks the wisdom of this chapter; a man well-taught by his mother (v1).
2 - The man's mother has warned him of the destructive influence of women and wine (v2-7).
3 - And she has taught him the significance of justice and righteousness (v5, 8-9).
4 - Verses 10-31 show the mother's choice of her son's wife. Instead of giving his strength to women (v3), he is taught to give himself to one godly wife (v10).
5 - The good woman's goodness and excellence is rooted in her fear of the LORD (v30). Such fear makes her fruitful (v31). This is quite significant. Jesus repeatedly condemned fruitlessness. He did not speak well of those who failed to produce. He says it's a symptom of unbelief (See Mt 13, for example).
6 - Finally, an excellent wife is precious (v10) and praiseworthy (v28-29). She has regard for the quality of her mind (v26) and body (v17). And she is disciplined (v15, 19, 27), and therefore productive (v31).

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